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About Me

......A personal message from Susan...

Many of my professional and life experiences accompany me on my journey while helping others. My unique strength is my use of insight in that it serves as a mirror through the eyes of compassion to create unconditional acceptance. I have dedicated my professional career towards helping my clients attain their own level of peace and self assurance by allowing their sense of  power to shine through during the difficult times. The majority of my work is devoted to releasing trauma and traumatic patterns that are experienced during the growth process or from catastrophic situations. I support my client's courage to make positive changes and during the process they will come to know that emotional healing is a reachable goal.  My greatest joy and fulfillment comes when I am able to pass healing on to others.    

My private practice is located in Historic Old Town Winchester, Virginia.   


I am a  Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor who has earned a Bachelor's  in Social Work and  Master's in Counseling both from George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. I graduated with High Distinction and am a member in good standing with Chi Sigma Iota International Honor Society.  

Holistic Techniques   
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming) is a technique that enables the client to process problems quickly without being "stuck" in the trauma. 

ITR  ( Intensive Trauma Response ) is a seven phase process that  includes guided imagery, art therapy, video-external dialogue, and narrative story completion that provides relatively rapid processing that minimizes avoidance, forgetting, and excessive buildup of anxiety often experienced by unresolved traumatic events.    

Seemorg Matrix Work is a psychodynamic, body centered, transpersonal energy psychotherapy.     

These holistic therapies work successfully in treating trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, addictions management, grief and loss, and depression. 


My professional experience spans thirty years of therapeutic work in various agency settings such as Corrections, multiple court jurisdictions, domestic violence programs, social services agencies, community addictions programs, and  intensive home based counseling services. 

Professional Services 

Certified Clinical Supervisor

License, Certifications and Awards  

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
National Board Certified Counselor 
Master Addictions Counselor 
Certified Traumatologist
Certified Clinical Criminal Justice Specialist
Certified Group Facilitator
Certified Child Protective Services Investigator 
EMDR Clinican
Integrative/Seemorg Matrix Clinican 
Faxfair Scholarship Recipient 
Chi Sigma Iota International Honor Society
Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society 

Professional Affiliations    

National Board Certified Counselor
National Association of Forensic Counselors
EMDR International Organization
American Counseling Association

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