Adv Integrative Therapy

What is Advanced Integrative/Seemorg Matrix (AIT) Therapy?

Advanced IntegrativeTherapy/Seemorg Matrix Work is a set of protocols that provides thorough, deep, quick, and relatively painless treatment. It does this by relating childhood and other traumas, negative beliefs, desires, compulsions, obsessions, fantasies, and addictions to positive beliefs thereby clearing all of them through energy work.

This work uses psychodynamic, body-centered, transpersonal energy psychotherapy. The steps in the process are:

1. Removes trauma induced by emotional, physical, and spiritual symptoms.
2. Eliminates life-long repetitive traumatic patterns.
3. Transforms the relationship between the conscious and unconscious.
4. Instills previously lost positive beliefs.
5. Nulls and voids dissociation and develops healthy emotions.
6. Dissolves physical, psychological, and spiritual problems while nurturing health and development.

Each person has a spirit, a psyche, and a body that are all connected. The process of connecting to and dwelling in the higher self offers the most profound and satisfying therapeutic experience. The result is that this theory, AIT/ Seemorg Matrix, clears the trauma thoroughly while simultaneously nurturing your growth and development of positive qualities that are a reunification of all your aspects of mind, body, and spirit.

You will know and understand how much has changed, and at what cost in time, money, suffering, and energy once you have experienced this protocol.

Scheduling a Session

If you think AIT may be helpful, please contact me so we can discuss setting a convenient appointment time as soon as possible.

Research and Clinical Information

More information about Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) /Seemorg Matrix Work may be found on their website:


This protocol may not be covered by all insurance providers.