Intensive Trauma (ITT)

As a Certified Trauma Therapist I have been trained with a unique trauma model that utilizes seven distinct phases that reduces the anxiety for anyone who has experienced a traumatic event when they learn that they do not have to re-live their experience. The techniques included in the process are guided imagery, video dialogue, art work, external cognitive dialogue, and graphic narrative. Telling of the story, while paying attention to the seven phases, help to put the memory fragments together in their correct historical context and reinforces the sense that the trauma has a beginning and an end.

This technique can address many types of trauma such as intentional human harm which are wars, assault, domestic violence, sexual abuse, witnessing violence, alcoholism, hostage situations, and numerous types of abuse. Then there is unintentional harm such as fire, explosions, surgical, traumatic brain injuries, and vehicle accidents. In addition, there are acts of nature and natural disasters that cause traumatic memories such as death of a loved one, flooding, earthquakes, and various types of life situations.

While you cannot change what happened but you can change how you think about. ... Adapted from Intensive Trauma Therapy, Morgantown, W.Va

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Insurance Coverage

This therapeutic technique is provided on an outpatient basis; however, it may not be covered by all insurance providers.