I believe the best testimonials come directly from those people who I have helped through counseling and by links provided on this site.

Your "About Me" tells it all. Your compassion and nonjudgemental attitude helped me open up and dump out before the cup overflowed. I continue to draw from the EMDR experience and the Seemorg Matrix Work exercises help me relax . I feel much more in control of my life. Thank you."... EMDR & Integrative/Seemorg Matrix Client

EMDR has been a wonderful experience in helping me process the loss of my grandparent from last year. Now I can talk about my loving relationship with him rather than feeling the depth of emotional pain. Thank you so much EMDR."... EMDR Client.

"I have referred many clients to Susan because of her honest and consistent approach. She truly cares and supports her client's abilities to make positive change. She consistently demonstrates trustworthness and competance at every level. It is a joy to work with her." ... N.T. , Probation Officer

"Your site is awesome! It provides much helpful information on the links page. Great Job."... retired Field Unit Superintendent, Virginia Dept of Corrections

Her professionalism when working with patients is of the highest caliber. If you want honesty and someone who will be able to "see and hear you," Susan is the one and the client's welfare always comes first." ... D.A. Administrative Assistant

"I cannot really explain in words how it (EMDR) works but there was great power in hearing the negative and positive beliefs during that experience. Then life began to feel like it flowed toward healing in just a few sessions. I had been in therapy for some years in the past but this time with EMDR, in just a few sessions, I am ready to move on with my life. Thank you so much." ... EMDR Client

"I have used various drugs to excess in the past but am now drug free. We have used EMDR to help me put my old emotional pain into perspective so that my triggers are significantly reduced. I know I have more emotional work to do but since using EMDR I am very relieved because I do not have to re-feel the past. I am most appreciative to EMDR for helping me through the tough stuff."... EMDR Client

"Wow...great site. A+."... C.S., M.A. Psychotherapist, Seemorg Matrix Therapist